In Sum: Apathy, Cats, & Steps

Here, for your kind consideration, are the shots of the week:

We begin mid-week with a casual stroll to the Colesium, past the impossing (and white) Vittorio Emanuele II monument that the Italians find gaudy and unattractive. In attempts to be a la mode Italiano, Katie and I pretend to find it gaudy and unattractive. This air of indifference was shockingly easy to assume. Perhaps this means we are assimilating….. Then you see the Colesium. It’s still there. Still colossal, really breathtaking and unfathomable.

Oh, and also on this walk you see the sunken area where Rome puts its cats. It’s a “Sacred Area” on Largo Argentina, now basically a cat roost. Rome’s most popular cats, I’d say. Proof? Have I taken pictures of any other Roman cats? Not yet. And then there is Katie outside of the Jesu, a BEAUTIFUL Jesuit Church that absolutely refuses to be open to the public when we want it to be. We’ll google the hours eventually, until then we hope for accidental entrance.

On Friday we climbed the 2930483902 steps to the top of St. Peters dome. I counted. The view of St. Peter’s square and the city speaks for itself, so I shouldn’t.

On Saturday, Katie and I had a romantic day strolling to Villa Borghese to spend our afternoon with those charmers Bernini and Caravaggio. It’s my favorite gallery. I just stood there gaping. We barely made it through in the allotted two hours. Berninis and Caravaggios have a way of slowing life, entrancing and stunning. Katie is a great museum partner – this is why I may have to marry her. We caught the sunset, and a lot of Roman couples kissing, in the Borghese gardens overlooking the city.

Today I went to mass at Santa Maria di Trastevere again, a gorgeous basilica, and sat next to two older ladies in floor length fur coats. I felt so happy that I could wish them “Buona domenica” on the way out. There’s something about a grandma that makes you always feel loved. (Mushy, yes.) Then Katie, Margeaux, and I strolled through Campo went grocery shopping, bought bread, and did a little step-sitting.

This has been my favorite weekend. Full of accidents aligning in all the right ways. Take a look at my life:


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