Senatus Populusque Romanus Day

Today was the best weather day that I’ve experienced yet in Rome – unapologetically sunny and about 55 degrees. 12.78 degrees Celsius, if that’s more your thing. Basically whenever I stepped outside today I threw on my sunnies and a big, gooey smile.

In case you’re wondering a bit about my day-to-day: I woke up, read some Jane Eyre in the chair by the window with some tea. It’s becoming a morning rite. Then I went to my two classes, Victorian Novel and Museum Curating, and walked with Katie to the forno in Campo for a panino. I ate out of my bag perched atop two railings around a fountain in the neighboring Piazza Farnese, again in the sun.

From there we strolled to the Museo di Roma across Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. There we stumbled upon an exhibit on Antonio Canova. You may know him for his sculpture of Pauline Bonaparte Borghese in the Galleria Borghese, or not. This exhibit showed his personal sketches and sculpture plans as well as some beautiful white chalk on canvas works. Really a great exhibit, especially since we’d seen the sensual Pauline a mere four days earlier. Color me cultural.

From the museum we sauntered home. I decided it was too good of an afternoon not to run outside along the Tiber, so that’s exactly what I did. What a run. It’s amazing how running in a city can immediately make you feel like you live there. Somehow it lends authority. Case in point, an Italian asked me for directions in Trastevere (which I could offer!) and a little grandma chatted me up at a stoplight. At this point the gooey smile was out full force. Don’t they know I’m American? They definitely do, but I can pretend.

The pictures here show a bit of my vantage point of the day. First my feet on the cobblestones that Rome boasts…. everywhere. Then some  probably museum illegal shots out of the windows of the Museo onto Piazza Navona. The art was stunning, but I couldn’t ignore the obvious art framed by the panes as well.

That’s something else that I thought about on my run – moving through the city is a movie in itself. I pass by building and streets and people. Vendors and children and tourists. Colors fly by, I catch bits of conversations. Stories are occurring everywhere, allowing me to enter for moments before again excluding me.

Here’s the last little story – the hunched little old lady and her pup that I’ve now taken pictures of twice at the same crossing on the street to school. Both times she’s passed me. I only know her from her back. Maybe she’s walking home, maybe she’s out to get groceries. Maybe it’s only her and her little curly dog in her life. I don’t know, I only see a moment of her Rome story, her Rome movie. Yet, as everything in Rome, it’s stamped S.P.Q.R.


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