Orvieto: The Sequel

In the vein that good movies prompt sequels that return to the characters and plot of the loved original, so does Orvieto.

The sequel is a tricky thing though. Many a great movie has been tainted by its sequel (think Pirates of the Caribbean or Spiderman). Other sequels simply fall into obscurity and are completely forgotten. Did you love Grease II? No, I don’t imagine you did. So, revisiting something can be complicated – especially when it’s something so beloved in the original. Like what if they made Forrest Gump Part II. The nation would have revolted.

I would have led the charge. Jenny couldn’t do anything more to hurt that man. I digress.

Anyway, because of my absolute gushing about the hilltown Orvieto in Umbria my parents decided that they also wanted to experience the magic. Is this what the producers of the Fast and the Furious series think each time? I really hope not.

I was more than happy to return to little Orvieto. You might remember that I absolutely loved sitting in the street there in early February. Of course, I’d go back.

I wanted to show Mom and Dad the things I loved so much. We bought our train tickets. I should say that I was a touch nervous to see if they would like the town of truffles and Orvieto Classico as much as I did, but, frankly, I knew that they would. Surely the makers of Jaws 2 weren’t so certain. Surely.

To Orvieto we went. We followed the exact same itinerary as I did the first time, because why mess with perfection? Seriously, I even had the same thing for lunch. Well, I guess I did do one thing differently – I substituted gelato flavors. So, read the first post about Orvieto with these few minor changes: remove the roommates, insert the parents, take away the clouds and rain, look at blue skys, add some more groaning about the number of stairs, add a few more tourists, and you’ve got it.

Orvieto Reloaded was just as good as the original. The truffle pasta tasted just as truffle-y. The caves just as rocky. The wine still light. The well still had water. The duomo still floored me. The whole cast returned. The screenplay was brilliant. The cinematography – so impressive. This was like The Dark Knight of sequels. I left the theatre wanting even more. Give me the three-quel! Where’s the Oscar?!

More than capturing the original audience (me), the newcomers loved it too. The parents now understood my gushing. Orvieto is special. And, just as I hoped, the return lived up to my now-idealized memories And that’s huge.


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